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Evening Reporting Services

Southwest Key's Evening Reporting Program is a strength based model that incorporates the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets as its foundation for daily programming and operations. Activities focus on developing positive identity values and social competencies. We increase youth motivation for achievement in school engagement and performance, develop life skills that encourage positive self-esteem, allow them to make responsible choices and feel they have control over their futures. We establish a learning center that addresses the real needs of young people who view themselves as 'on the fringe' and the 'outsiders' in their schools, neighborhoods and community.

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Population Served

Youth are typically low to medium risk, have low treatment needs, and require academic support and mentoring.

Based on best practices for youth developmental programs, we will provide an environment that is:

  • Supportive - a place where safer and supportive relationships between youth and adults can be developed.
  • Empowering - providing opportunities for youth where they can participate in decision making situations, leadership roles and peer mentoring opportunities.
  • Rewarding - providing opportunities to be recognized for the positive behavior or accomplishments.
  • Expecting - create an environment of high expectations in terms of behavior, education, interpersonal relations, community involvement as well as set clear and fair consequences.

The program activities in general will:

  • Build skills - providing skill building activities for success in the community, school and home.
  • Provide authentic activities - creating opportunities to participate in activities that are challenging, interactive, engage multiple learning styles and offer experiential learning opportunities.
  • Broaden horizons - expanding the youth's life experiences through field trips, arts and cultural activities, employment or intern activities, recreation and mentoring.
  • Engage and Strengthen Support Systems - providing activities or opportunities that engage parents, community, and schools in positive ways in the youth's life.

Program Components

  • 24-Hour Crisis Intervention
  • Educational Services
  • Career and Job Search Exploration
  • Community service Opportunities
  • Linkage to Community Resources
  • Youth Development/Leadership Component
  • Arts & Recreation

Educational Component

Southwest Key staff will work in partnership with school districts to continue monitoring attendance, academic and behavioral progress of every youth enrolled in the Program. The youth will be provided with supplemental academic assistance in the form of tutoring or homework assistance to enhance basic academic skills during the evening support program. Additional educational activities, such as educational games or projects, may also be provided to assist youth in reaching their academic potential. An educational goal will be established for each youth and will be based on input from the school academic support team, parents and the youth. The objective of this approach is to identify the youth's strengths and educational deficits in order to achieve academic success.

Youth Development/Leadership Component

Southwest Key believes that every youth can be a leader given the right direction and opportunity. As we work with the youth and families to provide support and direction, we will also provide opportunities for youth to be involved in leadership roles. Various skill building activities will take place which may include assertiveness training, conflict resolution, public speaking skills and anger management. Southwest Key will actively seek to develop Leadership training opportunities. Youth leadership opportunities within the program might include being a co-facilitator for certain activities, planning field trips, leading a discussion, and/or serving as a mentor to newly enrolled youth. Youth will be expected to participate in Advanced Youth Development training. The basic premise is that the more positive activities the young person is involved in, the less likely it will be for them to engage in disruptive or risky behaviors.

Arts & Recreation Component

Best practices in youth development programs identify broadening the youth's horizons as a critical component in a successful program. We anticipate utilizing programs to provide the youth with the opportunity to participate in positive and enriching experiences such as art museums, exhibitions, music, and the performing arts.

Whenever possible, Southwest Key will utilize community recreation opportunities available in the local area for the young people involved in the program. Recreational activities will be used to teach youth appropriate and fun ways to spend free time, to develop social and peer interaction skills, to provide a constructive outlet for aggressive energy, to demonstrate new leadership skills and to build self-esteem.

Job Readiness & Career Exploration Component

The youth will assist staff in identifying the different professions of interest to them. Youth need to have goals and direction in their lives to be successful and this includes career goals. Youth development groups will also focus on basic job readiness skills such as resume writing, dressing for success, interviewing skills and job performance as well as how to do job searches. Program staff will work with community business leaders on developing a commitment to youth employment or internship opportunities.