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Influential Voices on the Value of Mentoring

Dr. Betty Molina Morgan
2010 American Association of School Administrators “National Superintendent of the Year”

“As a teacher, principal, and superintendent, I've seen how mentors can profoundly affect students’ lives and when integrated and leveraged by schools, can contribute to successful student outcomes. I've mentored young people throughout my career, as well as supported educators to establish partnerships with mentoring programs for their students. In education, we don't give up on kids. Strong mentoring relationships can set the standard for valuing young people, and show that giving up is not an option.”

Dr. Robert Balfanz
Director of the Everyone Graduates Center at the Center for Social Organization of Schools, Johns Hopkins University

“A high quality mentoring relationship can be a game changer for these students. We’ve seen how sustained supports from adults serving in schools as ‘success coaches’ for off-track students, and intensive wraparound supports for the highest need students, can turn around lives and help turn around schools.”

Melody Barnes
Chair, Aspen Forum for Community Solutions, and former Director of the Domestic Policy Council and Assistant to President Obama

“There are 6.7 million 16-24-year-olds who are disconnected from school and work. Previous research has shown that, despite many challenges, opportunity youth remain hopeful about and accept responsibility for their futures. Developing relationships with caring and supportive adults through mentoring is a key tool through which we can help these young people achieve their dreams. The promise of a generation depends on our efforts to reconnect these young people to education and career opportunities.”

Dr. Anthony Carnevale
Director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

“Mentoring, particularly skills-based mentoring and apprenticeship programs, prepares our future workforce by exposing young people to the world of work and developing their life skills and vocational skills which are critical to success in today’s economy.”

Robert Putnam
Malkin Professor of Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and author of Bowling Alone

“In recent decades, we have seen a growing class gap in time spent with parents, educational performance, and participation in school activities…low-income children need more time with caring adults, including mentors.”

Wendy Spencer
CEO, Corporation for National and Community Service

“Our nation's success depends on helping every child reach his or her full potential in life. We know the difference a mentor can make – AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members provided mentoring to more than 1 million youth last year. As a mentor myself, I call on more adults to inspire a young person to succeed by becoming a mentor.”

Alma J . Powell
Chair of America’s Promise Alliance

“I believe so strongly in the power of mentoring because I know the transformative effect one caring adult can have on a child’s life. That caring adult is a gateway to all the other resources that young person needs to fulfill their potential .”