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Wraparound Program

Southwest Key’s Wraparound Program in Buffalo, New York best illustrates our impact through the data we have collected. This program is our pilot performance-based contract enabling us to develop a rigorous evaluation system to replicate throughout Texas. This system has been developed in close partnership with the funding source in Buffalo, who has worked very closely with us to set outcome measures, benchmarks, and milestones. In partnership we have created a sophisticated system for data collection.

The Wraparound Program is an alternative to out-of-home placement used by the county to keep youth ages 11-16 from penetrating further into the juvenile justice system. Staff made thousands of face-to-face contacts with youth at home, in court and jail, or at their school or job in 2008 and made contact with most clients within 24 hours of referral.

2008 Program Outcomes:

  • 95% of the youth completed the program successfully and did not recidivate.
  • 95% of the youth who exited the program were known to be living successfully in the community with family or friends and were not incarcerated.
  • 97% of the completed the program without having an AWOL petition filed, meaning Southwest Key helped the parents to utilize community and family resources to deal with their children’s issues, rather than rely on the court system.
  • 67% of the contact with the clients were made during nontraditional work hours. Southwest Key staff provided services to families on evenings, weekends and holidays during high-risk hours for youth, which is not typically possible for county or state-run programs. Staff were also on-call 24/7.