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Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program

Southwest Key operates four JJAEPs in Texas. These are alternative schools for students who have been expelled as a result of certain offenses committed on a school campus, such as felony drug possession, assault, or weapons possession. Southwest Key’s Travis County JJAEP is one of only three therapeutic alternative schools in the state, placing a heavy emphasis on counseling and behavior management.

2007-2008 Program Outcomes:

  • Even though most of our students are at high risk for dropping out and the average length of stay for students is only 122 days, students gained an average of 1 year and 4 school months in math and 2 years and 7 school months in reading
  • 82% of students complied will all program rules and did not commit another criminal act during their time in the program
  • 98% of students did not recidivate back to the JJAEP after completing the program.
  • 85% maintained good attendance while in the program