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Ben, a senior in high school, will graduate this Spring with plans to attend the University of Texas to study radio-television-film. A year ago, Ben was not the model student when he arrived at Southwest Key’s Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program ("JJAEP"). He came to the JJAEP after getting into trouble at school. Immediately, the JJAEP staff were concerned about Ben’s indifference toward school and his peers. If Ben failed here, the alternative was either getting locked up in a juvenile detention center or being sent back to his school without the skills necessary to stay out of trouble.

Southwest Key’s JJAEP offered Ben a chance to turn his life around. Because the JJAEP staff worked with Ben and his family to address some of the problems he was faced with at home and at school, Ben has a different attitude and has learned skills to better cope with his problems. Ben is more focused now and has committed to earning good grades so he can attend the University of Texas and become a Longhorn!