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Angel H.

"I'm a former student at Southwest Key. My name is Angel H. I went there about 9 years ago. I'm writing to say thank you for the opportunity to give me a better chance at a better life. I rebelled for a long time and the two people there that till this day that I give most thanks to is Capollo and Andrea. Them two are some of the people I look up too. I became a better person there and I learned a lot about a lot.

I'm forever grateful that there are programs like this in the world. I moved to a little town to start a new life so I could progress as a productive person. This place needs a program like Southwest Keys they throw good kids that just need a positive figure in the life's to help them along the way. Had I committed the crime I did here they would have sent me away and I would have taken a different path in life and I know this.

I feel that your program makes changes that inspire life. At the time I was mad that I was sent there I thought it was ridiculous. Looking back now I know that the program and them two people made my life change for the better. I am now a mother happily married and living an amazing life and I thank all of you with much respect.

Truly thankful,