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East Austin Students Make a Health Promise

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Feb 1, 2013

Children at East Austin College Prep have promised to incorporate healthy habits into their lives, thanks to a 2011 Carol M. White Physical Education Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The $458,000 grant supports the charter school’s Health Promise or Promesa de Salud, a comprehensive community-based physical education and wellness program aimed at changing the rate of obesity in Austin’s Govalle-Johnston Terrace neighborhood. In 2012, The school received an additional $15,000 grant from the H-E-B Excellence in Education Healthy Campus Grant program. The H-E-B grant supports health and fitness screenings, fitness activities and nutrition education to increase the overall well-being of students, families and the local community as a whole.

Ashley, a seventh-grade student at the school, has participated in the Health Promise Sports Leagues, playing basketball, softball and volleyball. She attended Zumba, a dance fitness program, with her mom and even dabbled in weight training with her dad. Her brother Alexis, an eighth-grader, plays on a flag football team. During football season, Ashley volunteers with the team as equipment manager. “I just like to help,” says Ashley.

East Austin College Prep was founded in 2009 as part of the nonprofit group Southwest Key’sEast Austin Children’s Promise initiative, which sought to bring educational and economic opportunities to the East Austin community. The school is located in the Southwest Key’s El Centro de Familia Campus.

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