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Mother’s Day Spotlight: EAPrep Mother & Son Antonia and Michael Alvarez

Michael and Antonia Alvarez

Michael and Antonia Alvarez

East Austin College Prep sophomore Michael Alvarez gave his mother a card last year with a handwritten message that said, “I can make all the money in the world but the most important thing is to have you in my life. I’m going to study really hard so I can buy you a house.” Alvarez, an award-winning web game design student through EAPrep’s Globaloria program, credits his success to his mother’s support.

Antonia Alvarez was the oldest of 8 children growing up on her family’s farm in San Luis Potosi, Mexico where she recalls riding horses. She dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but was forced to drop out in the 7th grade to work on her parents’ farm. When she got married, she and her husband decided to pursue the American Dream, moving to the United States to provide their children with a safer environment and a better education.

“Now I put my effort in my children’s dreams,” she explains. “It’s not as easy as it looks but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Michael is the middle child of five. He has two other siblings that attend EAPrep. Antonia says that Michael has always been a gifted child since he was young. “When Michael was four years old, I was sick and could not dress him. Michael told me ‘Mommy, don’t worry, I am big and strong and will take care of you.’ This showed me that he is a determined child.”

Michael and Antonia with EAPrep’s Globaloria Director, Nyssa Arcos and SWKey’s President, Dr. Juan Sanchez.

Michael and Antonia with EAPrep’s Globaloria Director, Nyssa Arcos and SWKey’s President, Dr. Juan Sanchez.

Antonia believes that, as a parent, her job is to give her children unconditional love and support. “We need to help make their dreams come true. As a separated mother of five, I have a lot of responsibility to carry on my shoulders to help them succeed.”

“My children give me the strength to live and fight and they are the reason why I exist. They are my entire world”

Michael and his siblings traditionally fix their mother breakfast on Mother’s Day and go to church together to give thanks for their many blessings. “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to become a mother, to help me guide my children and give me the strength because it’s not easy,” says Antonia.