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East Austin College Prep’s European Excursion

East Austin College Prep’s teacher, Alfredo Garcia will be taking his theater class on a Europe excursion.

This summer, East Austin College Prep’s teacher, Alfredo Garcia will be taking his theater class on a Europe excursion. Mr. Garcia came to East Austin College Prep in 2012 with over a decade of international teaching experience. He is now the head volleyball coach and Director of the Theatre/Drama program at East Austin College Prep’s MLK Campus.

“I was inspired at a young age by a few teachers and I, too want to inspire children at different age levels,” says Mr. Garcia. He enjoys working with children outside of the school setting because he believes that this allows the children to see a different perspective of the teacher. One to which they can relate.

The 16 students chosen to go have been with the theater program since its inception in January 2013. “The students put in many long and hard hours during the spring semester, so I felt this group not only deserves something big but also a life-changing experience that’s immeasurable from what we can provide,” says Mr. Garcia.

The European excursion will pair East Austin College Prep with other students in London, Paris, and Berlin, so they can learn from each other. “Many students have never left this area [East Austin] and never thought they would have an opportunity to travel outside their own state. I know this will help raise their interest levels in world affairs and opportunities available outside of their own city,” says Mr. Garcia.

In London, they will visit the Institute of Education, University of London and various colleges. In Frances, they will visit the American University of Paris and, in Berlin, they will visit Freie Universitat Berlin. The students will also visit various museums on the trip.

“I want the students to not only get the culture, sights, and sounds of these international cities but to be immersed into a society completely different than their own,” says Mr. Garcia.

“For a school like EAPrep that is global in nature and philosophy, world travel is essential to open the horizons for all of our students,” says Dr. Joe Gonzales, Superintendent of East Austin College Prep.

Upon hearing about the trip, the students and their parents have been enthusiastic about making the trip happen. “This helps put the idea into the children’s minds that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!” says Mr. Garcia.

If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation towards the trip, please contact: Alfredo Garcia, Please visit their website for more information on how to make a donation.