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TWC Volunteers At Pumpkin Madness

TWC Volunteers At Pumpkin Madness

Pumpkins rolled everywhere during a beautiful fall afternoon at East Austin College Prep’s ACE After School Program. Time Warner Cable staff showed EAPrep students the physics of rolling a pumpkin on an incline versus even ground. Students were able to learn about motion and gravity by launching small pumpkins in a plastic launcher.

“I had a lot of fun here and obviously kids are our future and I think that any way we can interact with them is important. We were able to combine science with something fun like Halloween and pumpkins,” said Jason Parson, Time Warner Manager.

Students Learning About Pumpkins during Pumpkin Madness

Time Warner Cable started the Connect A Million Minds initiative to ensure kids receive education in math and science. When EAPrep ACE After School Program invited Time Warner to volunteer at Pumpkin Madness, the staff jumped at the opportunity because staying involved in community activities is one of their main focuses.

Students Learning About Pumpkins during Pumpkin Madness

“It was a valuable experience. TWC volunteers not only enjoyed interacting with the students, but truly embraced the academic components of the event,” said Corin Caridine, ACE Director. “They were able to quickly connect with the students and make the STEAM pumpkin lesson fun, engaging, and an opportunity for academic growth.”

Volunteers talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin and estimated how many seeds are inside. Students had the most fun learning physics when launching small pumpkins. They tracked the data and analyzed how motion and gravity are used in calculations. The young learners also spun, rolled and tossed the pumpkins to determine the fastest speed from point A to point B.

Kids Playing with pumpkins during Pumpkin Madness

“It is essential for our students to see adults enjoying math and science to help them overcome their initial reaction of shying away from these subject areas and, ultimately, careers,” said Caridine. She looks forward to future partnership with Time Warner Cable. “Without volunteers like those from TWC, these events will not be possible or as successful.”

Two TWC Volunteers At Pumpkin Madness