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Southwest Key Workforce Development, LLC

Providing employment, training, educational and childcare services to meet workforce needs in Texas

Southwest Key Workforce Development, LLC provides employment, training, educational and childcare services to meet the current and future workforce needs.

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Cameron County

Workforce Solutions Cameron Factsheet

Workforce Solutions Cameron
Southwest Key Workforce Development, LLC administers Workforce Solutions Cameron, the workforce development system in Cameron County, Texas.

The goal of Workforce Solutions Cameron is to create economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the citizens and employers of Cameron County. We are providing this resource to serve our customers in the most efficient and effective way. Job seekers, employers, and other members of our local community can also access resources & information through our Cameron County Work Centers. We provide childcare, education, training and employment services.

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Childcare Management in Cameron County

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) purchases child care for eligible families through Child Care Delivery Services. This program helps parents who are striving to become self-sufficient by giving them more choices in child-care arrangements and by helping them find qualified caregivers. The system benefits families, providers and communities.

Southwest Key's Vision for Workforce Solutions Childcare Management in Cameron County

The links between the quality of early child care and future success for children is well documented. In the Native American culture it is said that when you impact the life of a child, you impact the lives of seven generations forward. Southwest Key's goal is to improve the lives of as many children and families as possible, and we believe that in doing so we will change the world in a positive way. 

Our Vision
We envision a program that is able to locate appropriate and high-quality child care for every eligible child.

We envision a seamless partnership between child care providers, social service agencies, local government and private business that produces creative and innovative child care services that meet the needs of local communities.
We envision a high level of visibility surrounding issues related to child care and the needs of our children, and a corresponding emphasis on public education and parental involvement.

We envision an increased value placed on the importance of child care as a career, and corresponding wage and benefit increases that are linked to higher levels of training and education.