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Family Keys Team Presents At The TNOYS Conference in San Antonio, TX

By Southwest Key on 09/11/2013 @ 07:54 AM

Tags: Community Empowerment, Education, Events, Juvenile Justice

Posing for Pictures

Courtney Seals, Program Director with hip hop artist Da'Shade, Segio and Jose at the 2013 TNOYS.

The Austin and San Antonio Family Keys Program did a fabulous job presenting at the 30th Annual Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) Conference in San Antonio on August 16, 2013. TNOYS is a non-profit network that provides advocacy work while promoting opportunities for young people. The Family Keys team consisted of 4 staff and 3 clients who educated participants on, “Lessons from the Field: Engaging youth and families.”

With a team composed of Courtney Seals, Emily Martinez, Robert Briseno, and Cindy Leon; participants were braced with useful tips on how to engage youth and families in programming. Particular emphasis was placed on staff reflecting the demographics of the population to setting the tone for programming to going over and beyond for kids and families. Briseno did an excellent job delivering the majority of the presentation with his insight, wit, humor, and fun demeanor. He had participants laughing and learning.

Posing for Pictures

Poet Queen Goddess with youth at her workshop.

The stars of the workshop, however, were the clients. Youth Sergio and his Dad, Jose, shared their story about how they came to be participants in the Family Keys program. They talked about their anxiety and fear of allowing strangers into their lives. Sergio wondered, “Is this for real, or are you just collecting a check?” As it turns out, Sergio has developed a trusting relationship with his case manager, Therin Geeslin. Dad, Jose talked about how grateful he is to Southwest Key for all the help and services he has received. Client Cas spoke of his involvement with Southwest Key, and his apprehension at the beginning of the program. Today, he is comfortable with the program staff, particularly his case manager Veronica Carrillo, and feels like the program has really helped him progress. Cas was also part of a closing performance with Poet Queen Godis. Cas recited a poem about his super hero power. He identified himself as a boulder; indicating that he is strong and can surpass any physical feat. At the same time, he shared about still missing his father who passed when he was only 4 years old and wishing that he was still alive. He did awesome, bringing the audience to tears!

Good Job Southwest Key Family Keys Team!!!!


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