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Ft. Hood Armed Forces Mentor Southwest Key JJAEP Clients

Ft. Hood Armed Forces Mentor Southwest Key JJAEP Clients

By Southwest Key on 05/13/2014 @ 07:54 AM

Tags: Community Empowerment, Events, Juvenile Justice, Southwest Key, Volunteering

On Saturday, April 12, staff and students from Bell County JJAEP (Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program) volunteered and participated in a 5k run/walk for Human Trafficking Awareness as part as Global Youth Service Day 2014. Paul Anderson and his wife came in at 93rd and 95th place during the run.

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Ninth grader Scout Garza with her mother Stefanie Montoya

Mother’s Day Spotlight: Southwest Key Volunteers Stefanie Montoya and Scout Garza

By Southwest Key on 05/09/2014 @ 07:54 AM

Tags: Volunteering, Mother's Day, EA College Prep, EAPrep, East Austin, Education, Southwest Key

Ninth grader Scout Garza has been volunteering at Southwest Key’s Mobile Food Pantry with her mother Stefanie Montoya ever since her induction into the National Junior Honor Society in the 6th grade required her to perform community service. Her mother Stefanie has worked with Southwest Key’s benefits broker for years, so they immediately thought of Southwest Key when considering volunteer options.

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Steven Lewis with Roque Barros after completing his Good Neighbor Training.

Good Neighbor Program Kicks Off In East Austin’s Govalle-Johnston Terrace

By Southwest Key on 03/07/2014 @ 06:54 AM

Tags: Children's Promise, Community Empowerment, East Austin, Education, Events, Southwest Key, Volunteering

“This neighborhood has changed quite a bit since the early 70s. It’s not as closely knit as it used to be. I used to know everyone and now people just keep to themselves,” says retired firefighter Steven Lewis who grew up in the east Austin neighborhood of Govalle-Johnston Terrace where Southwest Key is headquartered.

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Mentee Discovers Friendship Through Mentorship Program

By Southwest Key on 03/06/2014 @ 06:54 AM

Tags: Community Empowerment, East Austin, Education, Southwest Key, Volunteering

Surrounded by bicycle parts in a small warehouse off Webberville Rd. in east Austin, Miguel F. is fixing up an old cruiser bike with his mentor Gabriel Cruz-Letelier at The Yellow Bike Project. “This is something he has on his goal list to accomplish and I want to make sure that I work on that with him,” says Cruz-Letelier.

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East Austin College Prep’s European Excursion

By Southwest Key on 01/06/2014 @ 06:54 AM

Tags: Community Empowerment, EA College Prep, East Austin, Education, Fundraising, Volunteering

This summer, East Austin College Prep’s teacher, Alfredo Garcia will be taking his theater class on a Europe excursion. Mr. Garcia came to East Austin College Prep in 2012 with over a decade of international teaching experience. He is now the head volleyball coach and Director of the Theatre/Drama program at East Austin College Prep’s MLK Campus.

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A Volunteer Youth Mentor Gives Back To The Community

By Southwest Key on 11/25/2013 @ 06:54 AM

Tags: Community Empowerment, East Austin, Education, Events, Juvenile Justice, Volunteering

“When I was 15, I felt like my life was over because I was pregnant. I didn’t know if I would be able to graduate or go to college,” says Southwest Key Program Assistant Brenda Gonzalez. Thanks to a mentor in her life, Gonzalez is about to graduate from Austin Community College and now volunteers with Southwest Key Youth Mentoring Program, guiding youth with a similar background to her own.

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