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East Austin College Prep Scores Above State Standard On STAAR

By Southwest Key on 03/06/2014 @ 06:54 AM

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Joe Gonzales welcoming the tigers back from their winter break

On January 15, 2014, East Austin College Prep’s MLK Campus had their beginning of semester student-wide assembly. It’s a new semester for East Austin College Prep and the students started the semester with good news on their STAAR Testing Results. Dr. Joe Gonzales welcomed the tigers back from their winter break and made several big announcements and changes at EAPrep.

With the help of tutoring, the STAAR tests results increased dramatically over the course of 2013. In April of 2013, 75% of students passed Algebra, 100% passed Geometry, 86% passed Biology, 55% passed Reading, 37% passed Writing and 75% passed World Geography. By December 2013, the scores increased to 96% in Algebra, 98% in Biology, 84% in Reading and 61% in Writing.

EAPrep students scored higher than the state passing standard on all subjects except for Writing. “Based on empirical data, there is no question that the tutoring program at East Austin College Prep has greatly contributed to the escalated passing rate of our students,” says Dr. Gonzales.

Dr. Gonzales also announced that EAPrep will offer a new dual credit program with the University of Texas at Austin. “Tutors, teachers, administrators, students and parents are all excited about the upcoming dual credit program with The University of Texas. The program will increase academic rigor, and it will save students and parents a great deal of money in the process,” says Dr. Gonzales.

East Austin College Prep’s MLK Campus


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