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East Austin College Prep Employees Honored at Annual Awards

By Southwest Key on 01/09/2014 @ 06:54 AM

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EAPrep Superintendent, Dr. Joe E Gonzalez

EAPrep Superintendent, Dr. Joe E Gonzales

East Austin College Prep Superintendent, Dr. Joe E. Gonzales announced that Nyssa Arcos-Evans and Jennifer Pierson were selected as the Employees of the Year at EAPrep during the staff holiday party on December 10, 2013.

Nyssa joined EAPrep in 2009 as the first Globaloria video game design teacher and is now the Academic Technology Specialist for the district. Nyssa is widely respected by not only her colleagues but also the students that she inspires everyday.

A co-worker says, “Nyssa Arcos is to be commended for her terrific loyalty and sense of responsibility to our students.”

In 2011, Nyssa was nominated to participate in the PBS Teacher Wall for transforming the school through digital learning. She also started a Globaloria Mentors program through which her students mentored new Globaloria students in California. “She spent countless hours/days helping the students fundraise towards this goal and I can personally attest to the enriching experience each student received on this trip,” says a co-worker.

Nyssa Arcos-Evans accepting her award from Dr. Gonzalez

Nyssa Arcos-Evans accepting her award from Dr. Gonzales

Nyssa encourages her students to go above and beyond. In 2013, she helped one of Globaloria’s star students, Michael Alvarez, to compete in the AMD Game Changer Competition. He went on to win the national medal, making him the youngest winner that year.

One of Nyssa’s biggest achievements was having EAPrep students present their games at the SXSW 2013 Gaming Expo. The booth drew in gaming enthusiasts impressed with the students’ accomplishments and knowledge.

A co-worker says, “She jumped into her new role as the Academic Technology Specialist and she strives to ensure she is serving each campus to the best of her abilities.” Nyssa has taken on many other roles at EAPrep including Game Design for Girls Summer Camp and Student Council, and she still has the bandwidth to help her colleagues with extra projects.

EAPrep Employee of the Year Award: Jennifer Pierson

Jennifer Pierson standing by before accepting her award.

Jennifer Pierson standing by before accepting her award.

Jennifer Pierson joined East Austin College Prep three years ago as a tutor where she worked directly with the students, both in classroom and in small-group session. Jennifer primarily tutored math and it was evident from student grades and testing data, that she was responsible for significant growth.

Jennifer has been described by co-workers as, “dedicated, hard-working, and a passionate employee”.

Jennifer is not only dedicated to supporting the staff but she “loves our students and has their best interests in her heart,” says a co-worker. Another supervisor says, “Jennifer Pierson always makes decisions with kids in mind. When a task is in her hands, I never worry about it and know that it will be completed at its highest level.”

Jennifer has also been described as “quick, efficient and always smiling.” Jennifer has successfully managed several projects at EAPrep on top of additional responsibilities to the school. “Even though, she’s extremely busy, I can always depend on her for reliable, accurate, and effective support,” says a co-worker.


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