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Health Promise Success Story: Ashley Sosa

By Southwest Key on 05/31/2013 @ 07:54 AM

Tags: Health Promise, Children's Promise, EA College Prep, East Austin, Wellness

Ashley Sosa

In her two years at East Austin College Prep, Ashley Sosa has tried just about every sport that Health Promise offers. A wraparound program through East Austin Children’s Promise, Health Promise provides physical education and nutrition classes for residents of Austin.

Currently in 7th grade, Sosa has participated in the Health Promise Sports Leagues for basketball, softball, and volleyball. She’s attended Zumba with her mom and even dabbled in weight training with her dad.

Her brother Alexis, in 8th grade, plays on the flag football team. So during flag football season Ashley volunteers with the team as equipment manager. She attends all of the practices and games, brings water to the players, making sure the flags, footballs, and other necessary equipment is where it needs to be. “I just like to help,” says Sosa.

Alexis Sosa

Her favorite Health Promise activity right now is softball, but she also loved playing for the EAPrep basketball team.

Ashley doesn’t just participate in sports, but also any activity that uses her body. She’s been using her breath and lungs to sing in choirs from an early age at church and also at EAPrep. Her unbounded energy could be seen in the drama club’s recent performance of a Dr. Seuss Play. Sosa’s interpretation of “Thing 1” had her bounding across the stage, jumping and running and smiling the whole time.

One of her Health Promise coaches, Da’Sean Walker says, “Ashley brings enthusiasm to everything she does, not just as a student but as an athlete as well. She has the biggest heart.”

It took her awhile to come up with answer when asked what other sports she’d like to try. Her list is already so long. “Swim team,” she decided, “I’d like that.” When asked why she chooses to participate in every sport offered she responded simply, “I just like the really good teachers.”

It’s really no surprise then, when she explains her plans and dreams for life after high school. Sosa plans to attend University of Texas, where sports are plentiful, and work toward a career in obstetrics, where she can continue to lend a helping hand. “I just love learning about the body and science,” she beams.

Sosa just laughs when asked to demonstrate what it feels like to score in basketball. It’s clear that enjoyment is more important than points in her game.

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