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ACE After School Program Captures the Spirit of Dr. Seuss During Spring Break

By Southwest Key on 04/01/2014 @ 07:54 AM

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ACE After School Program Captures the Spirit of Dr. Seuss During Spring Break

ACE After School program at East Austin College Prep hosted a Dr. Seuss Birthday camp the week of Spring Break, March 10-14, 2014. The Seuss theme was a continuation of a week full of various cross-curriculum Seuss activities held at the school the previous week. ACE worked closely with EAPrep Literary Specialist Meg Fiengo to plan the camp.

“It was a celebration of imagination and curiosity,” says Tanya Gonzalez, Program Administrator for ACE. “Dr. Seuss is such a prominent icon and has endured through generations. Children have a natural curiosity. I think when that exists, all you ever need is a little guidance to develop amazing ideas.”

Students working with trainers from Born Again Bodies

The students were able to participate in fun and academically based activities. “It is important for students to remain engaged in academic activities to combat out-of-school-time learning loss,” says Corin Caridine, ACE Project Director. “However it is important to balance that with fun to create an engaging environment to keep students actively engaged. “

The students enjoyed a wide range of activities from Seuss Comic Strip Club to discussing how weather impacts aquatic ecology. Students also worked with trainers from Born Again Bodies to engage in dance and physical fitness activities and Bricks for Kidz to learn how to build structures and devices with Legos. They visited the Austin Aquarium, received a visit from the UT Physics Circus and they participated in additional activities with the Boys and Girls Club.

“Students exercised their abilities across all areas and often times surprised themselves at their ability to excel in areas not within their comfort zone,” says Gonzalez. “I think it offered students a challenge and at the same time opened their minds up to possibilities.”

“The parents were very pleased with the camp because the students were excited to come each day and share their stories with their parents each night,” says Caridine who added that students enjoyed the camp so much some even invited their siblings and one little girl woke up in the wee hours of the morning in anticipation of the start of a new camp day.

“It’s always great to see parents and students alike excited about opportunities like this,” says Gonzalez.

Students at the Austin Aquarium


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