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Workforce Solutions Cameron Ranked #1 In Overall Performance

By Lizzie Chen on 11/05/2012 @ 08:00 AM

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2012 has been a banner year for Workforce Solutions Cameron. Since January, they have consistently been ranked by the Texas Workforce Commission as being one of the Top 5 Workforce Solution Offices in the state.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) measures ten different aspects of performance each month, including service to employers, service to job seekers (job placement and retention), and service to special populations through employment as well as training. While the TWC ranks the Workforce Solutions Offices, they don’t have an overall performance award, instead using the evaluations to assist and incentivize those offices that lag behind.

So, on September 27, 2012 the Cameron County Workforce Board stepped up to reward work well done by Workforce Solutions Cameron for ranking #1 in overall performance for the year.

Regional Director of Workforce Solutions Cameron, Henry Castillo was pleased and humbled, “Not only does it recognize the hard work our staff does day in and day out assisting unemployed and underemployed residents of Cameron County, but it also is a validation of the dedication of our staff to be recognized as the top performing Workforce Contractor in Texas.”

Regional Director of Workforce Solutions Cameron, Henry Castillo

Workforce Solutions Cameron has been an asset to the community of Cameron County since opening its doors in 1997. Constantly working toward their goal of enhancing the quality of life for citizens and employers, they work holistically with the community, providing childcare, education, and training as well as employment services.

One of Southwest Key’s eight social enterprises, Southwest Key Workforce Development, LLC is under the direction of BeeJay Williams, who oversees both Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas and Workforce Solutions Cameron. In 2009, Southwest Key began operations with Workforce Solutions Cameron.

Southwest Key Programs El Presidente/CEO Dr. Juan J. Sánchez says, “I am very proud of the work that our Southwest Key Staff, in partnership with Workforce Solutions Cameron, have been able to achieve in ranking us amongst the top performing boards in the State. While we continuously strive to improve on the work we are doing here, our success will continue to excel because of our great staff and our wonderful partnership with the Cameron Workforce Board.”

Castillo beams, “I want to thank Dr. Sanchez and our Southwest Key Corporate team for their support and encouragement. I am honored to work with our Cameron team, which I can honestly say are the hardest working group of individuals I have ever worked with.”


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